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Just about anyone who is a self-proclaimed animal lover and animal rights advocate would be familiar with the prominent figure - Doris Day. Doris Day Bio will give you an overview of what exactly started her on her career of protecting and choosing to care for the animals, and turning it into a lifelong cause that has been taken by pet lovers and animal rights supporters on a global scale. Once you have read it, you will get a clear idea what her chosen vocation in life really is - and that is to protect the animals in any way that she can.


Her vocation gave rise to what they call the "spay day" practiced in various parts of the country and the world. Choosing to have your pets and other domestic animals spayed - if you are not really interested in breeding them - would be a welcome choice instead of letting them reproduce and killing the offspring or the adults at a later time.


Various animal rights welfare associations have taken up this noble cause, and have celebrated such occasions on different days of the year. To that extent, animal lovers can thank Doris Day Equine Center for she is a standout amongst the most committed, persevering and hardworking individual are known to have started the cause of animal and their rights.. Likewise, through her efforts, it was also brought to light that the  main reason why most of the animals are homeless, destitute and do not really have any human taking care of them is because of pet overpopulation - so much so that a lot of them end up being put away by the end of the year just to manage this growing problem.


Even in today's modern culture, most individuals are still guilty of abusing and neglecting their pets with or without really meaning to do it at all. So it is high time that everyone starts to contribute and do their part in protecting the pets and animals that they live with. Know more about animal welfare in


Quite often it would be the case that some strange individuals would just stop by and drop unwanted pets in her property and on the entryways sometimes in the middle of the night, but she never had the heart to just dismiss any of them - turning her home into a haven for these neglected and unwanted living creatures. Her choice of adopting and taking care of the stray animals went so far as to taking care of them and considering it as her full responsibility to find them good homes. Know Doris Day and The HSUS here.


It is often said that she would take the time to check and assess for herself whether the proprietors are up to the task of inviting and opening their doors to another living creature in and make it a part of their home. Which is a practice that should be adopted too because, nowadays, there are millions of dogs, cats and other animals that are often neglected and left behind by their owners.